Governor Kay Ivey to lease two prisons in Elmore, Escambia County

Governor Kay Ivey to lease two prisons in Elmore, Escambia County
Alabama Mega Prisons

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Governor Kay Ivey is set to sign paperwork Monday to move forward with the plan to build three new mega prisons in Alabama.

WAFF heard from one group who says new prisons won’t solve old problems.

“Governor Ivey has been acting pretty unilaterally with the decision which I believe is a problem,” said Josh Thompson with Alabama Students Against Prisons

She will sign agreements on Monday to lease two men’s correctional facilities in Elmore and Escambia Counties.

The state plan is to close other prisons in order to pay for the new ones.

We’ve learned from state auditor Jim Ziegler that Regions bank has pulled financing for the developer CoreCivic, and will not be extending additional credit services to Core Civic, specifically for the construction of the prisons to be built in Alabama.

He says Regions made the decision following a meeting with Black Lives Matter Birmingham, Faith in Works and Alabama Students Against Prisons.

”Alabama is currently under a DOJ lawsuit for their prisons already. This is not a problem you can build yourself out of. We need to fix the current situations in those prisons as well as train the guards and change their laws in a way that don’t overcrowd the current prison they have. The state’s 25 percent African American but our prisons are over 50 percent black these laws specifically target African Americans so they need to change the laws as well as fix the prisons right now.”

The Alabama legislature goes back into session on Tuesday, the day after Governor Ivey signs two of three deals. Zeigler says the state would lease the prisons, paying $88 million dollars a year for 30 years which is more than $2.6 billion dollars.

According to a Facebook post, Zeigler says he and 13 citizen groups have called for an independent audit of the Department of Corrections, which would run the three prisons.

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