Tuscaloosa County Probate Judge explains audit of License Commissioner’s Office

Tuscaloosa County License Commissioner's Office audit

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - On Friday, Tuscaloosa County Probate Judge Rob Robertson said changes are now in place to protect taxpayer money after thousands of dollars disappeared according to a state audit.

“What I’m certain of is there’s better controls in place than there have ever been,” Robertson said.

He says the new safeguards are now in place at the Tuscaloosa County License Commissioner’s Office after the Alabama Examiner’s Office released details of a recent audit that determined between 2016 through 2019, taxpayer money was not deposited into License Commissioner accounts.

Examiners billed the former license commissioner Lynn Robbins, who resigned after being placed on leave in February 2020, more than $130,000. They also determined the former deputy license commissioner Jennifer Wetzel, who still works in the office, did not have to repay around $5,000.

Judge Robertson described some of the problems detailed in the audit.

“Money being paid to taxpayers not being deposited and that’s the audit procedure being worked through. There were some motor vehicle tags that were apparently never charged to friends and family,” Roberston told WBRC.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is doing a criminal investigation into the matter, so far no one has been charged with a crime.

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