Plan for displaced Fultondale High students will be announced Friday

Fultondale HS students won't return to current building

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Roughly 650 students at Fultondale High School don’t yet know when or where they’ll be able to go back to class after Monday night’s tornado.

The high school serves 7th grade through12th grade.

WBRC has drone video that shows the damage to the high school campus was extensive, and today, Jefferson County Schools Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin said students should not expect to return there this year, or even next year.

They are planning to build a new high school, but completion isn’t until 2022.

“We convened yesterday, we being our administrative team and we are going to release a plan this Friday where we will tell parents, especially at Fultondale High School, what we will be doing until spring break,” said Gonsoulin.

The new high school will be on the same property as the current building, which was going to be renovated into an IB building.

Right now, Gonsoulin wants to stress that the health and safety of students is top priority.

“In terms of resources, technology, Chrome books, we have all of those but we know right now, our people may not even have power so we are just trying to address their immediate needs but to reassure them we are there to support them and their children academically,” he said.

Teachers, administrators and staff are all working together to figure out the next steps, and they are offering counseling to students who need it, especially pertaining to the death of their freshman classmate in the tornado on Monday.

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