Etowah Co. School Resource Officers get gun safes for long guns

Etowah Co. School Resource Officers get gun safes for long guns
(Source: Dixon Hayes/WBRC)

ETOWAH CO., Ala. (WBRC) - The Etowah Sheriff’s Office purchased 15 Winchester gun safes for School Resource Officers in Etowah County Schools.

Sheriff Jonathon Horton said the safes are part of the effort to increase school safety for students and faculties.

Local legislation allows a percentage of left-over food bill money to be used for other law enforcement purposes, and that’s where the funding for the safes comes from.

The gun safes will be located in the SRO’s office giving him or her quick access to a long gun inside the building. School Resource Officers are trained to go toward the threat. Sheriff Horton said if the SRO needs his or her long gun, they are at a severe disadvantage by it being outside in the vehicle.

The gun safes can also be used for storage of evidence discovered on school property during school hours. The safes will allow the SROs to stay on campus more during the day. The Etowah Sheriff’s Office also purchased covert carry bags for transport of the long guns to and from the SRO’s vehicle and office.

Sheriff Horton said, “Making our schools as safe as possible has always been one of my top priorities. Investing in equipment that helps School Resource Officers minimize their response time and maximize their access to needed equipment, is a worthy investment. It can save a life in an emergency situation.”

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