Jacksonville State votes to rename Bibb Graves Hall

Jacksonville State votes to rename Bibb Graves Hall
Bibb Graves Hall at Jacksonville State University (Source: WBRC)

JACKSONVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) - The Jacksonville State Board of Trustees voted Tuesday to rename Bibb Graves Hall.

The 90-year-old historic structure, which is the campus administration building, will now be known as Angle Hall. The new name is in honor of alumni and benefactors Marc E. Angle Jr. and his wife Mary.

“Events across the nation last summer compelled many of our students, student government leaders, alumni and employees to request that we consider renaming Bibb Graves Hall to reflect a more unified campus that believes in social justice and equality,” said President Don Killingsworth. “What the Board has approved today ushers in a new, more modern era for this important piece of the university’s history.”

“We wanted the individuals tied to this pivotal rename to be ones who have – and will continue to – positively impact this campus and its students for decades to come,” added Randy Jones, chairman of the JSU Board of Trustees. “As longstanding benefactors of the university, and as a family of successful JSU alums who use their success to cultivate the successes of others pursuing their own educations, the Angle family made perfect sense.”

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