Homebound or non-driving people waiting on vaccine plan

Getting the COVID vaccine to folks with transportation issues

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - For people unable to drive or those who are homebound, it will be a while before vaccinations are available to them.

Just like we’ve learned with the entire vaccine rollout, it’s going to depend on where you live.

At the state level, ADPH is considering options for those populations who might not be able to get to a medical facility, but they also tell me that with the level of cold storage the current vaccines require, going out into the community to vaccinate people may be a big logistical challenge.

Jefferson County health officials say they were talking about this and are considering partnering with entities that could bring patients to a medical facility so they can be safely administered the vaccine and observed afterward.

“We are having those county level conversations because we are trying to identify all the gaps in the system and make sure we don’t leave anyone out, there is some work done but still more that has to be done,” said Dr. David Hicks at the Jefferson County Department of Health.

An added challenge --- having to give people two doses. The upcoming vaccine that requires just one dose may enable smoother logistics.

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