Fayette County experiencing high COVID-19 activity

COVID concerns in Fayette County

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - You can’t walk into the Fayette County courthouse these days without seeing signs asking you to wear a mask or getting your temperature checked after coming into the building.

“We weren’t hit too bad initially when most of the state was locked down,” according to Fayette County Commissioner Barry Corkren.

People seem to be taking COVID-19 seriously here. That’s why county commissioner Corkren can’t understand why things seem to be getting worse lately with coronavirus.

“As of late, its really become an issue for us,” Corkren continued.

Fayette County was the only west Alabama county in ‘orange’ when the Alabama Department of Public Health released the latest statewide COVID risk map Thursday.

Earlier this week, a spokesman for the DCH Health System said more than 30 people from Fayette County needed care for the illness in DCH hospitals and the long-term care facility attached to the Fayette Medical Center.

“I have had members of my family contract coronavirus. Fortunately, they did well. I’ve had several friends pass in my district,” he went on to say.

The state reports 1,770 cases and 29 deaths from coronavirus in Fayette County.

Corkren said they’re open to doing more to stop the spread.

“I don’t know that our citizens are doing any less than anyone else in the state to lower the transmission rate. It’s hard to get a handle on why our numbers are so high,” Corkren added.

The county commission has money set aside that’s available to help administer vaccines to people who are eligible to get vaccinated now, according to Commissioner Corkren.

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