You can county shop for COVID-19 vaccine in Alabama

You can county shop for COVID-19 vaccine in Alabama
(Source: KAIT-TV)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We’ve received several questions from people who are anxious to get a vaccine and are willing to travel.

State health officials say distributing the vaccine is a monumental task, and they understand why people would go out of their way to get the shot.

Right now, the state simply does not have enough vaccine vials to serve everyone who wants to get a vaccine yet, but there is hope on the horizon, including partnerships with local pharmacies, like today’s announcement of a partnership between ADPH and Walmart.

Until vaccines are more widely available, some people are looking to register for a vaccine in different counties. We took that question to Dr. Karen Landers who says you can absolutely get a vaccine outside of your own county.

“It’s really a person’s individual choice in terms of where they go for vaccinations, we do not specifically have any restrictions on where people live on if they wish to go to an adjacent county if that’s more convenient or that’s where they can get an earlier appointment,” said Dr. Landers.

As more vaccine is allocated at the federal level, the hope is people will have easy access to a vaccine close to home.

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