DCH sets record high number of coronavirus patients Tuesday

DCH sets a new high for COVID-19 patients

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - After Tuesday’s all-time high of 199 COVID positive patients spread out across several facilities, the DCH system is beginning to see a decrease.

“Fortunately last night we had some discharges. So we’re basically back down to the mid to high 180′s,” Andy North, the Vice President for Marketing and Communications said Wednesday.

It’s a small step considering the number of patients with coronavirus has hovered around 160 to 170 within the health system recently. Those numbers over time have added more stress on the hospitals’ staff especially after some of those patients died.

“The numbers we’re seeing right now are causing quite a stress on the workforce. We’re seeing the highest number of deaths that we’ve seen in the entire pandemic in the last two months specifically. That’s very hard on the staff,” North continued.

Thirty-one people died there in the last week alone from coronavirus. DCH formed groups within the hospital for staff to talk to if they need emotional support or counseling.

“We have had our pastoral care and our other departments that are around them and talk with them if they need that outreach, they can. There’s also a phone line that’s been established that we’re working with to help those staffers.”

DCH has worked to add more staff to spread out the workload. North added some nurses who have been out of work or retired have come back on a temporary basis to do COVID-19 vaccinations.

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