West Alabama hospitals details coronavirus struggles

COVID testing west Alabama hospitals

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Administrators from the DCH Health System based in Tuscaloosa, along the Greene County Health System in Eutaw and Whitfield Memorial in Demopolis detailed some of their biggest coronavirus-related problems during a discussion organized Thursday by the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama.

It’s not as easy to send a patient to a nearby hospital as before, because so many of them are caring for people sick with COVID19.

“As we speak right now, I have patients who have come to us from Thomasville, Hale County, Talledega and Russell Hospital. That’s three and a half hours from us. We had a trauma patient that we couldn’t get anywhere that we had to put on a plane and send to Nashville,” Douglas Brewer, CEO at Whitfield Memorial told the group.

Greene County Hospital ran into problems getting some Personal Protective Equipment, especially gloves. They’re hard to keep in stock and gloves have doubled in price according to the hospital’s CEO, Dr. Marcia Pugh.

“The community has really embraced us. They have provided PPE for us. They’ve donated some PPE,” Pugh explained.

Adequate staffing to care for people affected by COVID-19 continues to be a problem many of these hospitals are also facing.

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