DCH clarify why they won’t vaccinate teachers now

DCH clarification on vaccinating teachers

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Some people who signed up for coronavirus vaccination appointments this week from DCH Regional Medical Center learned they won’t be able to get them as soon as they thought.

This happened with some teachers and other who fit into a certain age range according to a spokesperson for DCH.

The hospital is working to inform people what the situation is and are being told to reschedule for vaccinations when they’re eligible to do so.

DCH Health System spokesman Andy North explained how the hospital believes the miscommunication happened. “ [Phase]1-B includes teachers, so what the Alabama Department Public Health did in the press release when they talked about 75, they indicated a specific group of individuals eligible for the vaccine. They did not say that 1-B was open and I think that’s where the confusion came in.”

DCH made a web link available Wednesday for more people to schedule when they could get vaccinated for COVID19. People in the group listed as 1-A include front line healthcare workers and first responders like police and fire fighters. Many in that group still have not received their second and final vaccination shot.

“We’ve got two categories of individuals that we’re seeing that were registering that we’re not ready to vaccinate yet. One is teachers. We’re not fully in group 1-B yet. And that’s where teachers are,” North continued.

Those appointments are being deleted and more appointment slots will open back up so people in the group currently eligible to be vaccinated can do so.

“Everything we’re getting we’d like to get into people’s arms as fast as we can. But we’re trying to do this in a measured way that allows to get the vaccine in when we have they supply,” according to North.

It’s not clear yet how many teachers were affected by this misunderstanding. North said those folks are being notified right now by email.

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