DCH expanding coronavirus treatment efforts and offering more time for vaccinations

DCH expanding coronavirus treatment efforts and offering more time for vaccinations
(Source: WBRC)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - DCH Health System COO Paul Betz felt a combination of anti-body treatments offered at its Northport campus and changes at its remote testing facility regarding vaccinations can help curb coronavirus in West Alabama.

“This is really what I kind describe as a sleeper treatment that our doctors rave about,” Betz told a group during a round table discussion about coronavirus and hospitals hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama.

DCH started an outpatient anti-body treatment where anti-bodies are administered through I-V’s several months ago. It now has more doses of anti-bodies to offer the treatment to more people.

“We’ve recently, just this week, relocated it and moved it into the fitness one building in the Northport campus. It has expanded our capacity from being able to infuse 24 patients per week to now 160 which we’re ramping up quite quickly,” Betz went on to say.

Changes are upcoming at DCH’s remote testing facility, in the parking lot across the from the Regional Medical Center.

Betz said the hospital wants more COVID-19 vaccine. He is not sure if the problem with getting more is at the federal level or the state level. So far, DCH has administered 3,200 of the 7,800 vaccine doses it currently has in stock. Vaccinations will become available there 5 days a week starting Monday, January 18th.

People can get tested there for coronavirus from 8am to noon on Monday and Friday Vaccinations will be available for people eligible on Monday and Friday from 1pm to 6:20pm and all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30am to 6:20pm.

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