Red Cross of AL explains ways to help COVID-19 patients if you never tested positive

Donating blood or plasma without COVID test

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Conversations have been buzzing on social media about whether you can donate convalescent plasma if you never got tested for COVID-19.

At the American Red Cross, you must have tested positive for the virus to donate convalescent plasma.

If you never got a test but think you had the virus and have now recovered, you can still donate your blood.

Your blood donation will be checked for antibodies, which will in turn help COVID-19 patients.

“When you donate whole blood, all blood is run through the antibody test,” said Annette Rowland with the American Red Cross of Alabama. “So, if your blood shows that you do have antibodies, then your blood does have the potential to help somebody as well.”

Rowland said the American Red Cross has had a 250 percent increase in requests from hospitals for convalescent plasma.

If you’d like to donate blood or plasma, or find out more information, click here.

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