Leaders working to provide vaccine access in Coosa County

COVID-19 vaccine access problems

COOSA COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - State leaders continue to roll out the COVID-19 vaccines across the state, but the process to get it to you is a little more challenging in some areas.

Coosa County is one of 8 counties in the state that does not have a hospital or a local public health department, so the state is working to make the vaccine available and local pharmacists are stepping up to do their part.

The owner of Goodwater Pharmacy says it’s the only pharmacy in the county. They don’t currently offer the COVID-19 vaccine, but he’s in the process of trying to complete paperwork and purchase equipment to serve as a distribution site in the community.

“I’ve never given immunizations here at this pharmacy, but under these circumstances we need to do that. I’ve been in contact with ADPH,” said Dr. Brad Collins, Goodwater Pharmacy. “I’ve purchased a deep freezer and a special monitor for temperatures.”

The local pharmacy says it’s still going through the process of getting everything in order to get the COVID vaccine so the timeline is still TBD on when it will be there.

ADPH leaders say in the meantime, people who live there and meet the criteria can make an appointment in a nearby county to get the vaccine. State leaders say they are working closely with local health leaders to make it available in the county.

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