Fair Haven Nursing Home vaccinates more than 300 employees and residents

Nursing home COVID vaccine roll out

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - After offering the COVID-19 vaccine to all long term care residents and employees, Fair Haven nursing home in Birmingham vaccinated more than 300 people.

“It has definitely been difficult for everyone here, but we have all adapted and are working to do the best we can for each other,” said Savannah Pritchett. Pritchett is an employee at Fair Haven Nursing Home in Birmingham who with residents daily to make sure their nutrition needs are met.

Pritchett is one of the 327 people at Fair Haven to get her COVID-19 vaccine, but she said she didn’t do it just for herself.

“As a protection to our residents, so we are not spreading it to them,” Pritchett said. “I think it is very important that we are protected for them.”

“We are the ones who could potentially put them at risk since they are here 24/7 and we do go home at night,” Fair Haven dietician Maggie Joly said.

Maggie also said “yes” to the vaccine after her own battle with COVID-19

“For me, I’ve had COVID,” Joly said. “I don’t want anybody to have to experience what I did, so if I can be a protection for them, then that is what I want to do.”

But, Joly said she also got the shot for the residents.

“This is their home,” she said. “We are just visitors in their house, so if we can be as protected as possible to keep them safe, that is what we want to do.”

Both said the process was easy and they haven’t had any negative side effects.

“It did hurt a little bit, not to bad,” Pritchett said. “Not any worse than the flu shot does. The only thing is my arm is sore in that area, but otherwise I am still doing really well.”

Fair Haven officials said 90% of the residents who qualified are now vaccinated and those residents and employees will get their second doses in early February.

“I think it has been a bright light for us to know that this is out there and we are hopefully turning a corner”

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