State health leaders say vaccine rollout is too slow

Speeding up statewide COVID vaccine distribution

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WBRC) - So far about 20% of the COVID-19 vaccine has been given out in Alabama. State health officials admit the distribution plan is too slow. They are working to try and speed things up.

State health leaders say they continue to struggle with getting enough vaccines for those who need it. The state says it needs more vaccine providers in Alabama. Right now, they have over 240. They want to get 400.

Tuesday, Governor Kay Ivey got her second shot in the arm. She’s encouraging everyone to be patient with the process and to continue to register for the vaccines.

“Get in line and be patient as you wait. get in line. I want to encourage you to get the COVID vaccinations. We need shots in arms not on the shelf,” Ivey said.

When it comes to vaccine rollout, Alabama is one of states at the bottom of the CDC’s list.

State health leaders are concerned about dipping into the second dose reserves. They want to be sure that those who get the shot will have the supply for the second one.

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