Falkville man indicted for weapons found in truck parked near U.S. Capitol

Updated: Jan. 12, 2021 at 10:34 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - UPDATE: A federal judge has denied Lonnie Coffman’s request to be released. The Falkville, AL man will remain in jail for now facing 17 charges with more potentially coming after Capitol police found molotov cocktails in his truck parked near the Capitol on January 6.

Along with the weapons, investigators found handwritten messages in Lonnie Coffman’s truck. Prosecutors say they raise grave concerns and his intentions. They believe the weapons were going to be used on lawmakers.

Nearly a dozen suspected Molotov cocktails were found in Coffman’s truck that was parked near the U.S. Capitol. Federal prosecutors releasing the pictures after indicting Coffman on 17 weapons and ammunition charges. Investigators also found multiple firearms, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and handwritten notes describing a judge as a “bad guy” and a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

In a detention motion, prosecutors wrote “the Molotov cocktail components were created so as to be particularly lethal, with a napalm substance inside that would stick to the target and continue to burn.”

“That really lends a lot to the argument that he intended to use these as a weapon,” David Hyche, former ATF Assistant Special Agent said.

Hyche is a former ATF Assistant Special Agent and now Calera’s police chief. He’s investigated similar cases in the past.

“I mean you just don’t carry jars of gasoline around with holes poked in the top with a lighter and a flammable material to use as the wick. That’s pretty strong. Then when you add writings together with other weapons, it’s a pretty strong case they have,” Hyche said.

Prosecutors say the number of weapons suggests Coffman was planning to give them to others. They believe Coffman poses a danger to the public and should remain in federal custody until trial.

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