Hoover mom answers call to fill substitute gap in schools

Mom becomes substitute teacher to help students

HOOVER, Ala. (WBRC) - Hoover City Schools, like many schools across central Alabama, is in desperate need of additional substitutes. And one mom has stepped up to fill the need.

“I just heard my father. You can be a person who complains or you can step up and be a part of the solution,” said Carol Bevil.

Bevil wants her students in the classroom in front of a teacher Monday through Friday. She knew part of the solution in getting her students back in the classroom fulltime was helping the district fill teacher quarantine absences due to COVID-19 as they faced substitute shortages.

“Over Thanksgiving Break, I investigated what it would take to become a substitute teacher and Hoover City Schools walked alongside me in the process beautifully,” said Bevil. “Last week, I substituted at my children’s elementary school.”

She works as a personal trainer and nutritionist, but her schedule allows her to commit at least two days a week at schools.

The district faced challenges with a dwindling substitute pool. Back in November, former Superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy said leaders dealt with instances where they had a less than half substitute fill rate. In an update from the district Monday, the average substitute fill rate is between 61-74%. In the last two months, the district had 87 people submit applications to sub. Thirty-one have completed the process.

“Help these teachers who are trying to bridge this unimaginable circumstance,” said Bevil. “If I could be a bit of a pressure release for them I was happy to do it.”

Bevil said she’s back in the classroom this week to sub as well.

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