Jefferson County plans to expand vaccinations

Jefferson County Unified Command on vaccinations

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Jefferson County Department of Health wants people to register for COVID vaccinations if you are 75 years old or older. Also, more first responders can sign up. But this doesn’t mean you will be ready for a shot just yet.

The Alabama Department of Public Health plans to expand its vaccinations January 18th. They were overwhelmed with calls last week. Some 1.1 million calls, including people not eligible just yet for vaccinations.

Jefferson County is hoping for a smoother process.

They have a call center up and running where you can access it on the county health department or the county EMA website. There is a phone number and a form for you to register. The county is still trying to vaccinate those in 1A of the vaccination plan and all the healthcare workers who are exposed to COVID patients.

Some 75 year old’s and older, along with other first responders, will be vaccinated next week but it’s going to be a long process.

“We have a lot of healthcare workers in Jefferson County. Obviously we have a lot of flagship hospitals. A lot of healthcare here. It’s taking us a little longer than some rural counties but I think we are getting quite close,” said Dr. Mark Wilson with the Jefferson County Department of Health.

People are advised to call or fill out the form and will be notified when and where to get the first shot and second shot. People in Jefferson County need to register within the county, and people outside of the county need to register on the state call center or website once it’s up and running.

Wilson said the state and the county do not have enough vaccines for other people outside of these sub-groups so far.

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