Parents of Alabama players on the 2020 football season: ‘It’s been emotional’

Parents of Alabama players react to season

MIAMI, Fla. (WBRC) - Every football team across the nation has endured some type of disruption this season when it comes to COVID-19, and parents of the players said it’s been tough to see what they went through to get to the big stage.

Alabama right guard Pierce Quick’s parents, Wayne and Lynn, said this season has been hard to watch their son and the stress he took on when it came to COVID-19. “It’s been different, They have a constant worry if they’re going to test positive or a friend is going to test positive,” said Lynn Quick.

Quick, a former Hewitt-Trussville football star, had COVID-19 before the season. “Luckily he had no symptoms, but the constant worry was always there,” Lynn said.

For the majority of the season, Alabama tested players for COVID-19 every day. “Our son and the entire team has had to watch what they do 24/7 to try and not contract COVID-19. They really haven’t had much of a life, but we’re grateful we are playing, but on the other end their life has changed also. The teams that are here are the ones who have done what they’ve needed to and deserve to be here,” said Wayne Quick.

Alabama linebacker Shane Lee’s mom, Tara Lee, said being in Miami is a blessing when they never thought they’d be able to have a season. “I’m just thankful my son choose to play in the SEC. I feel like out of all the conferences, they’ve handled COVID-19 the best. Although we used Facetime a lot to see him and couldn’t go out to eat after the game, it’s emotional seeing each time they move up to another level. It’s one more level, one more level and now they’re here at the pinnacle,” said Tara Lee.

Alabama will play for it’s 18th national championship in school history Monday night in Miami against Ohio State.

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