Why reports of a negative COVID-19 tests are important

Reporting negative COVID-19 tests

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Jefferson County health leaders report state laboratories have gotten much better about submitting negative COVID-19 test results. This importance deals with the state’s percent of positive tests.

According to Dr. Wesley Willeford with the Jefferson County Department of Health, the state only considers labs that submit negative and positive results.

At the time of this article, the state’s percent positive was 22.6%, which was well above the state’s goal of just 5%. Dr. Willeford said the state’s percent positive showed that COVID was spreading out of control in our community.

“The reason we want those negative tests so that we understand when we talk about percent positivity, we want to understand how many people have tested positive and how many people have tested negative so that we can get an estimate where we are with COVID-19 and community testing,” said Willeford.

Dr. Willeford said it was heartbreaking to see so many lives destroyed by the virus. He hoped the vaccine would soon be available to the general public.

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