DCH Regional Medical Center limiting patient visits

DCH Regional Medical Center limits hospital visitors

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - DCH Regional Medical Center has tried to be flexible when it comes to protecting patients from coronavirus and keeping them upbeat in the hospital but recently, the hospital announced patients can only have one visitor per day.

The goal is to provide a way for them to interact with loved ones and limit potential spread of the virus. Hospital spokesman Andy North called it a minor adjustment to their visitation policy. At one point, DCH allowed visitors to rotate one at a time to see a patient. When one left, another could come in. But not now. North explained they’re trying to do what they feel is in the patients’ best interest.

“We’re trying to strike a balance. What we found when we essentially had no visitors is that it made it very difficult on the family and the patient. It’s really quite nice to have a family member there as an advocate for the patient,” North told WBRC.

There are a few exceptions. You can have a visitor in the Emergency Room once you’ve been placed. But not while you’re waiting to be placed in a bay North continued.

Also, COVID patients can only have visitors for special consultations such as end of life.

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