Birmingham Police need community’s help to fight crime

Lowering crime in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - While overall crime is down in Birmingham, murders are up 10% according to the police chief. The community deciding not to talk to police is making it difficult to solve some of those cases.

Police Chief Patrick Smith and Mayor Randall Woodfin say they need the community’s help when it comes to stopping gun violence and murders. Chief Smith says going into the new year, the community crime reduction plan will continue to include community focus groups.

More training will take place with detectives to make sure all areas of crime are followed up and Smith says the department will put into place a Public Emergency Advocacy Team to work with the community to address repeat offenders especially in domestic violence cases.

“People have been isolated inside their residence, isolated inside problem areas where minor problems become larger problems and larger problems become a homicide or something of that nature. It’s our goal to try to reduce those as best we can,” Chief Smith said.

Groups like Faith in Action Alabama says BPD needs to do a better job of investing in people and investing in programs that help the community build the trust back with police. Faith in Action says its submitted plans to the city to help but they feel like its falling on deaf ears.

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