Gyms continue enforcing safety guidelines while preparing for more members in 2021

Fitness center precautions amid new year's rush

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Most people are still working from home and the access to the refrigerator and snacks is greater than ever before. Working out is usually at the top of everyone’s New Year Resolution. It’s a hard one to keep and this year it may be even harder.

As the new year approaches and the cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, many of us are afraid to go into a gym right now. Khadijah Jordan, a trainer at I Am Love Fitness, says she tries to follow the safety guidelines with her clients.

“Pretty easy us to individually pay close attention to everyone wiping everything down,” says Jordan. “We have signs that say wipe everything down. We have probably about 6 cleaning stations inside the gym. We also have two different sides allowing for more space.”

Continuing to take the pandemic seriously is key for trainers and gyms right now. Jordan says her workouts are socially distanced, ensuring the fitness goals and overall well being of her clientele comes first.

“I try to keep my groups no larger than about five people that allows me to still be able to give more of a personal feel,” Jordan says. “So that I can still give that one on one feel and I can pay close attention to each individual person.”

Working out can be intimidating and a bit overwhelming at first. Jordan says set realistic goals and stay encouraged so you won’t give up.

“You got to just jump in. Of course working out is going to be hard on your body in the beginning because you have to readjust,” says Jordan. “But if you set a date on it. You’ll never do it. You just have to jump in.”

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