COVID-19 vaccines continue to be distributed among Alabama healthcare workers

Alabama preparing for Moderna vaccine rollout

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama hospitals are continuing to vaccinate their healthcare workers. The vaccination process received a big boost with the Moderna vaccine arriving last week. Earlier on Monday, Jefferson County received its allotment of the vaccine.

The vaccinations are proceeding, but the state is limited with the amount of vaccines we’ve received. The Moderna vaccine is helping, but we need a lot more.

Alabama received 41,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine two weeks ago. Last week, the state received more than 84,000 doses. The state was limited with the Pfizer vaccine and was only able to provide it to about 15 hospitals. But with Moderna, that number jumped to almost 70 sites.

On Monday, Alabama pharmacies began receiving their shipment of vaccine. State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said nursing home residents will now start receiving vaccines.

“There is not enough to go around right now. Remember, we have close to 300,000 healthcare workers. Another 20,000 nursing home residents. We have a little over 100,000 doses right now and that is just shot one of two. So we still have a ways to go,” Dr. Harris said.

Harris said he should soon learn what will be in Alabama’s next shipment of vaccines. He said the process is going as well as it can, but it’s going to take time to get all of those in the top tier first.

Healthcare workers are at the top of the vaccination list and it will likely take months before those who are not in the top tier will be able to get the shots.

“The biggest problem - there is not enough to go around. That is the biggest problem. We are trying to immunize 300 million people and there is 20 million doses, whatever it is may be a little bit more. There is not enough to go around,” Harris said.

Dr. Harris is asking people to be patient and to be careful. Continue to wear masks, social distance and stay away from large crowds and that includes New Year’s.

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