COVID testing expected to jump ahead of New Year’s holiday

Where to get post-holiday COVID test

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama health officials are asking you and others to get tested for COVID-19, especially if you celebrated the holiday around a large crowd.

Infectious disease experts said you should get a COVID-19 test if you plan to travel or be around a crowd before the holiday. They want you to do the same thing a few days after the holiday, too.

Dr. David Hicks with the Jefferson County Department of Health still suggests going to Legion Field for testing.

Hicks said there was a slight jump in numbers just before Christmas, but then testing there shut down for the holiday. There were also long lines, according the county health department’s partners, with people seeking the rapid tests.

Dr. Hicks still advises people to get a PCR test, which might take a little bit longer to get the results.

“With this, the rapid test gives you the convenience of knowing in 15 to 30 minutes or so. But if it’s not done in the right person at the right time, it might give you a false sense of security. It could be negative, but it could be a real positive,” Hicks said.

Dr. Hicks is again expecting to see a rush to get tested because we have the New Year’s holiday coming up, so he suggests getting tested now. You can go to their website, find a location and make an appointment. Dr. Hicks believes there will be an increase also due to the jump in the number of positive cases we are seeing in the community.

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