Diva’s Day of Giving helps families who may be struggling during the holidays

Diva's Day of Giving

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - A young Tuscaloosa woman continued an effort she started several years ago showing love and support to some folks who have felt forgotten.

The effort that Diva Hall started as a college student has continued and only gotten bigger as she has grown older. She now uses Diva’s Day of Giving as a way more people in her community can get help.

WBRC FOX6 News reporter Kelvin Reynolds caught up with Hall on Christmas Eve as she loaded her car with gifts for three families.

Diva partnered with the Tuscaloosa Housing Authority. It identified families who could use her help. She got donations from the public to help people who may be struggling financially during the holidays.

Diva collected enough money to pay for those families’ rent and utilities and also get gifts for those with children.

“We were able to raise enough money to get everybody’s bills paid and to be able to pay a little more for them. So this is really a rewarding experience. I’m really excited about this,” Hall said.

Diva’s Day of giving started 5 years ago when Hall decided to fix holiday meals for cafeteria workers and custodians at her college. This year one of the families she helped has a head of the household who missed work because they tested positive for COVID-19.

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