Percent of positive COVID-19 cases rising in Alabama

Percentage of positive COVID tests continues to go up

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The percentage of positive COVID-19 cases is going up and that’s a key number in where we are in the fight against coronavirus.

On the state’s COVID-19 dashboard, it shows the percent positive rate has risen to 16.4%. The rate was around 13% the week of Thanksgiving. The numbers keep going in the wrong direction. The percent positivity rate is so critical because it gives us insight into the rate of community spread.

UAB’s Dr. Michael Saag says when the percent positive rate goes up that can turn into more hospitalizations which could put a big strain on resources.

“It’s best if we minimize our exposures to others and that’s going to help us all at the end of the day especially in two weeks as the post Christmas holiday happens, the stress on our healthcare systems and the stress of illness among people in our community,” Dr. Saag said.

The COVID-19 vaccine will help bring the numbers down, but that won’t happen for several months. Until then, Saag says people need to take personal responsibility and do the things that health experts have been preaching since the beginning of this pandemic.

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