Doctors say you might still have to wear a mask even after getting the vaccine

Published: Dec. 22, 2020 at 8:16 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We are starting to see a way out of this pandemic with healthcare workers getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

And while it may still be several months before it will be available to everyone, doctors at UAB have reason to believe you may still need to wear a mask even after you’ve gotten the shot.

Dr. Michael Saag said it’s going to take about 65 to 70% of the entire population in the United States to get vaccinated before COVID-19 will burn itself out.

He compared the pandemic to a wildfire, saying the vaccines takes fuel out of the fire.

However, it’s not yet known if the virus can still be transmitted even after someone has received the vaccine.

That’s because the shots don’t completely prevent infection, but they do help your immune system attack the virus if you get it.

Dr. Saag said people have the tendency to believe that once they’ve been vaccinated, they can resume normal activity, but you’ll still want to be cautious.

“Until the entire pandemic is under control, everyone should be wearing a mask, everyone should be keeping distance and everyone should be as much as possible, staying out of large crowds because that will help us number one reduce any possible transmission in case there is that spilling of virus into the environment around us that we might be doing unwittingly,” Dr. Saag explained.

Dr. Saag got the vaccine on Sunday and is encouraging everyone who can to get it once it’s widely available.

He said we’re still going to have to take those precautious we’ve been hearing for the last several months now: wear a mask, wash your hands, and watch your distance.

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