Clothing giveaway for Hoover fire survivors, others in need

Clothing giveaway for Hoover fire survivors, others in need

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Wednesday the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church and several other ministries came together to help those in the community in need, but they opened up early for the survivors of the Hoover apartment fire a few weeks back.

Led by the Sixth Avenue Sliders, and group president Lois Germany, filled the Fountain Heights Recreation Center with clothing, shoes, purses, and baby items. The event was scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. but they opened three hours earlier to allow the survivors of the apartment fire at Hawthorne at Wisteria in Hoover.

Since the fire, the church has reached out to help, and Wednesday’s event was part of that effort.

“We reached out and asked our church members to donate all of these clothes, and I’ll be honest, it has been an overwhelming, beautiful thing to see,” Germany said.

The survivors, including Diandra Cohill, the woman who saved multiple neighbors by alerting them to the fire, were thankful for the continued support.

“It lets you know how much you’re loved, and how much this world cares, there are still people out there that really care and give back,” Cohill said.

Fellow survivor Chanell Hill agrees.

“It’s been a crazy journey but it’s definitely, definitely been a very blessed one as well.”

Both Hill and Cohill are looking to reach out and help other survivors. They mentioned reaching back to the apartment complex for help or talking to them directly. Hill’s contact on Facebook is Nell Hill or @nelly_hill on Instagram, and Diandra’s contact is Drummer Girl Dee on Facebook.

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