UPDATE: ‘Raining poop!’ Residents in downtown Cleveland claim tenants in high rise apartment building sweep animal waste off balconies

Neighbors tell us for the past months someone has been sweeping dog feces off their high rise...
Neighbors tell us for the past months someone has been sweeping dog feces off their high rise balcony.(Kelly Kennedy)
Updated: Dec. 9, 2020 at 9:53 PM CST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A stinky situation has been addressed in downtown Cleveland. People in one part of the neighborhood were fed up with some apartment tenants sweeping animal waste off their high-rise balconies - so they called 19 News on Tuesday.

We contacted the apartment management. They found the offender Wednesday and power-washed the sidewalk outside the Reserve Square apartments on the corner of 13th Street and Superior Avenue.

19 News caught someone on camera Tuesday in the Reserve Square apartment building sweeping what looked like urine off their balcony.

Neighbors told us this had been happening for about a month now.

“Raining poop,” neighbor Julius Robinson described. “Literally, and you could see it on the sidewalk.”

Robinson lives nearby at Bohn Tower. For the past month, he says every time he walked to the grocery store, or he waits at the bus stop, he came across what appears to be dog waste littered all over the sidewalk.

“Then one day I seen turds, and that’s when I knew somebody was sweeping feces off the balcony,” Robinson said.

Robinson said he went in to talk to management, and nothing had been done, so he reached out to us.

K and D, the company that owns Reserve Square, told 19 News they were not aware of the problem until Tuesday.

“It has fell on residents over here at Bohn Tower,” said Robinson. “It has fallen on the people that were waiting at the bus stop. While we were talking about it, a wet something that looked like pumpkin pie fell down while we were talking, and I’m just keeping it clean.”

Management says this was unacceptable, and whoever was responsible would be evicted.

“It’s not just frustrating - it really angers the hell out of me, to be honest, and I think we have the right as simply citizens to be able to walk without feces falling on us,” said Robinson.

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