Congressman Robert Aderholt on new COVID-relief package and response to Congressman Brooks’ tweet

Rep. Robert Aderholt on COVID relief package

Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL) spoke Thursday with Gray DC reporter Peter Zampa about new COVID-relief negotiations in Congress and about his response to a tweet from Alabama colleague Congressman Mo Brooks who tweeted, “Joe Biden DID NOT win lawful vote majority in Georgia.”

Aderholt responded saying he does not know whether there is or is not sufficient evidence to suggest Georgia’s vote count is illegitimate. Aderholt says he thinks there may be some basis for the claims of fraud, but would not say whether he has seen evidence.

Aderholt says if fraud is found in Georgia, he would be on board with blocking the Georgia electoral votes.

Thursday morning President Trump thanked Rep. Brooks via Twitter.

Rep. Robert Aderholt responds to Brooks' tweet

Congressman Aderholt also talked about a new COVID-relief package. Lawmakers are being asked by a bipartisan group to come up with a solution before Christmas to help Americans hurting from the pandemic.

Aderholt said discussions are looking better. Congress will meet through the end of next week, which ends on December 11, and then they are scheduled to take their break.

Aderholt said if lawmakers need to stay longer he is fine with that. He said Congress should stay in until they get something done on a relief package.

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