Hoover City Schools release learning survey for parents

Hoover City Schools looking ahead to next school year

HOOVER, Ala. (WBRC) - Hoover City Schools released an updated survey for parents who are considering switching their child’s learning option.

About 1 in 4 district students attend class virtually full time and leaders want to know if they should expect more students behind a laptop or in the classroom next semester

“We have to plan for teaching. May have to move teachers from virtual to in person or vice versa,” said Ron Dodson, District Administrator:

The survey portal opened Monday and the district has gathered a couple hundred responses so far - they say not enough to determine if there will be a major shift in learning accommodations.

District leaders are also looking ahead to next year. The survey includes a bonus question for parents to consider about extending virtual learning.

“We’ve heard from parents who have said virtual learning has been very good for their family,” said Dodson, “Something they want to explore after COVID and so we have a bonus question on there for those who want to get some feedback on that.”

That bonus question is just to get feedback from parents who may be considering it for their family - so that district leaders can look into what resources would be needed for that.

The deadline to complete the survey is next Friday.

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