Hoover City Schools starts staggered schedule

Hoover City Schools returns to staggered schedule

Hoover, Ala. (WBRC) - Hoover City Schools resumed the staggered learning schedule Monday where students only report certain days during the week. Superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy also released updated numbers for parents about what prompted the decision and what the district will consider before the staggered schedule is set to end in January.

Dr. Murphy hopes the numbers will provide perspective on why the district made the decision and emphasized it due to case reports, limited ability to maintain social distancing, and staffing.

The latest data from the district shows number comparisons from November 2nd and November 20th:

- Student COVID-Related Isolation or Quarantines: Increased from 215 to 1273

- Employee COVID-Related Isolation or Quarantines: Increased from 30 to 101

- Student COVID Positive Cases: Increased from 11 to 71

- Employee COVID Positive Cases: Increased from 4 to 23

Dr. Murphy says the district is not able to achieve maximum social distancing with full in-person learning. She also added when she looks at that COVID data and limited pool of substitute teachers, she feels this is the safest option for now.

“I certainly want our community to understand this is not a personal preference, this is not political wrangling. This is a pandemic. It’s had a very harsh impact on Hoover and we’re trying to be as responsive as we can. I realize our decisions are impacting our families in many ways and a negative way for childcare or work, but we promised to be drive by the numbers,” said Dr. Murphy.

The staggered schedule is set to end in January.

Dr. Murphy says there is not a specific number they are looking at to determine a schedule change. Instead, they’re looking at several numbers, such as COVID cases, quarantines, and sub availability to determine how to move forward. She also says if your child is dealing with mental issues because of the transition, please contact the school because they have support in place to help.

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