Black Friday shoppers already lining up

Black Friday shoppers are lining up outside stores to get the best holiday deals.

Shopping in person on Black Friday

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Black Friday shoppers are lining up outside stores to get the best holiday deals.

“We’ve been here since 9am this morning,” shopper Dewayne Pettis said.

Pettis is waiting in-line with his 12-year-old son, Matthew. “It is always going to be a memory. It is his first time actually camping out like this. He was totally excited.”

“I am basically waiting for the PS-5,” shopper Matthew Bentley said. “There are only two left, so I am trying to get one while I still can.”

The father- son duo said they tried to shop online this year, but couldn’t find what they wanted in stock, so they had to shop in person.

“We tried 1,000 times online and it was sold out,” Bentley said. “we had to come here and get one, because if it was selling out like that, it obviously has to be good.”

They will be in line over-night, because the store doesn’t open until 7am. Pettis said the conversation makes time go by faster.

“I met two individuals and I got their game tags,” Pettis said. “We are going to play later on when we get the PS-5.”

Other Black Friday Shoppers were getting creative with how they pass the time.

“We have a tv,” Amorie Marshall said. “We are watching the game. There are heaters and a whole bunch of chairs and blankets.”

For Black Friday shoppers like Mary Morris, safety and social distancing was a concern, but said she felt safe because it was outside.

“I wouldn’t stay in a long line, for safety reasons,” Morris said. “It’s too risky and it’s not worth that. If I felt unsafe then I would leave, but everybody here is pretty safe.”

“We are just making sure we keep our social distance and our masks on,” Pettis said.

Health officials said if you are Black Friday shopping in person to make sure you wear a mask and maintain six feet social distance.

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