Schools prepare for post-Thanksgiving COVID spike

Schools prepare for post-Thanksgiving COVID spike

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - School leaders and nurses are monitoring for rises in COVID-19 case reports after the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Just like after the 4th of July, we expect there’s going to be a bump or rise in cases. There’s no doubt. It’s going to happen,” said Kristine McClary, Alabama Association of School Nurses.

This comes as state public schools are already dealing with high numbers.

“Our numbers in public schools continue to track higher across the state,” said Dr. Mackey, State Superintendent, “So, we’ll continue to work on that and the biggest thing is we’ll continue to work with Public Health.”

The latest COVID-19 Dashboard update shows 2,261 reports up by over 600 cases from the week before. School leaders said they’re seeing more cases from community spread than school spread through contact tracing.

The Thanksgiving break means extended time off and potential holiday gatherings, so nursing staff said parents need to be on high alert Sunday night and they’ll be on high alert when students come back Monday.

“We’ll be monitoring for symptoms as best we can. We’re encouraging parents to keep their children home if they’ve been traveling, if they’ve been exposed, or any symptoms in order to not have spread in schools,” said McClary.

Local Superintendents say they started deep cleaning buildings as soon as students let out for the break and they’ll continue extensive cleaning measures when students return.

“We have purchased 60 of these handheld cleaners so each grade level or subject has a handheld cleaners. We have teachers spraying rooms daily,” said Chris Cook, Winfield City Schools.

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