ALDOT to soon take bids on CityWalk public space under new 20/59 bridges

Update on final phase of 20/59 bridge project

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - If you’re ready to look to what the new year will bring, one place to watch is beneath the new interstate bridges in downtown Birmingham.

ALDOT has about another month to finish phase three of the I-59/20 bridge replacement project which includes the ribbon lighting which highlights the bridge and street paving around the bridges.

Early next year, it will take bids on construction of CityWalk, the public space under the bridges that could include a skate park, greenspace and more.

ALDOT Regional Engineer DeJarvis Leonard says they’re excited about the project. There are going to be a lot of unique items to be constructed.

“A lot of it is just concrete, but it’s going to be unique in some of the other aspects of the project,” said Leonard. “It should transform downtown Birmingham.”

Leonard says CityWalk should be completed in time for the World Games in 2022.

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