Vestavia Hills research clinic helping with COVID-19 vaccines

Vestavia clinic testing COVID-19 vaccine

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WBRC) - The world is waiting on the final approval of a vaccine to protect you against COVID-19. Did you know a Vestavia Hills research company took part in the Pfizer Pharmaceuticals clinical trials?

We are talking about Achieve Clinical Research in Vestavia Hills. They have been a clinical research company for almost 20 years. They have tested drugs for lupus and diabetes in the past, but these latest tests are considered the most important they have done over the decades.

Three months ago, Pfizer Pharmaceutical reached out to Achieve Clinical Research to test their vaccine which they believed could stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“If it works out, it will be the most important studies I’ve ever participated in. Can you imagine a vaccine that could help cure the world?” Dr. Hayes Williams, Medical Director said.

The FDA approved the study, but so far, not the vaccine. Volunteer test subjects took part in the study.

Dr. Williams said so far, there have been no serious side effects. “I have to look at all of these patients for three months and there has not been any significant side effects,” Williams said.

Dr. Williams said they will monitor this group for up to 24 months. Achieve Clinical Research plans to launch new tests for three other vaccines in the coming weeks.

“People who are elderly, who are over 65 - that is one group. Anyone in any group at all that mixes with people. You can’t sit at home to be in the study,” Williams said.

You can’t have COVID or have symptoms to take part in the study. There is compensation for taking part in the test.

Achieve Clinical Research is looking for new patients to take part in the new studies. Dr. Williams says it’s an honor to take part in these studies. If you are interested, you can check out or call 205-757-8212.

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