Shopping online for Black Friday? Don’t get scammed

Black friday shopping scam notice

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A lot of you will skip the stores this Black Friday and shop online for deals this year. But before you buy anything, we’re On Your Side with ways to avoid being scammed.

First, make sure the site you’re on is legitimate and secure. If it’s one you’ve never heard of, check the Better Business Bureau or reviews.

And check the address bar on the screen to make sure the padlock icon is closed, or that it says “https,” which means it’s secure.

“Don’t believe everything you see on social media because a lot of these scammers that set up these websites post ads on social media. The ad will appear on your feed,” said Ragib Hasan, UAB Associate Professor of Computer Science. “And you see these awesome deals. And they’ll also post lots of fake comments and fake likes through their helpers.”

If you’re shopping online, Hasan said to use a credit card and not a debit card or cash app.

That way, you have a better chance at getting your money back if there are any unauthorized charges, or if you don’t get what you ordered.

Make sure you always get a receipt, too!

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