Local business owner gears up for Black Friday

Small businesses adjust Christmas expectations

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WBRC) - Local businesses are gearing up for what is normally the biggest shopping season of the year.

But this year they’re making adjustments because of the pandemic.

Holiday shopping this year is going to be a little different than year’s past, so the owner of Shoefly in Homewood is extending sales and using social media to keep customers shopping.

“If September and October are any indication…we had a great September and October, so hopefully the trend will continue,” said Meg Roebuck.

It’s the time of year she looks forward to. As the owner of Shoefly, this is typically the time of year when sales go into the black.

But in order to make that happen during a pandemic, she’s changing up her strategy.

“Normally we do a pre-sell on the Tuesday before and then have Black Friday on Friday. The Tuesday thing was to let customers who travel…our good customers to have a chance at some of the sales and everything, but this year we are just doing it for the entire week,” Roebuck said.

In addition to the extended Black Friday sale, she’s also ramping up advertisement on social media.

“And we try to post what’s new coming in and give instructions on anything they want to purchase over the phone. We can either ship, pick up curbside, or depending on where they are, we could even drop it off for them,” Roebuck explained.

Roebuck said she still wants her customers to be able to take advantage of sales without having to pack into the store on just one day.

But despite all the curveballs 2020 has thrown this year, Roebuck said she’s optimistic about this year’s sales.

“I think Birmingham’s great. The community…they like to shop. They get out and shop. Our customers are super sweet, very supportive. So, I think we’re very confident in the holiday season,” Roebuck said.

One other thing that will be different at Shoefly this year is the store hours.

Customers will be able to shop on Sundays throughout the month of December.

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