UA students want to protect their families from coronavirus

UA students look to prevent COVID-19 spread

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Coronavirus has defined the Fall semester at the University of Alabama. That’s why many students are thinking about safety first as they head home for the holidays.

WBRC found many students pushing around suitcases and loading their belongings into cars. They’re headed home Thanksgiving. They’ll be gone for more than a month.

The university put finals online and combined the holiday breaks between Thanksgiving and Christmas to run consecutively to prevent the spread of coronavirus on campus.

Many students said they’ll continue the same safety measures they practiced in Tuscaloosa at home to protect loved ones from COVID-19.

“I’m looking forward to being back home with family and just being able to see them again. Although it’s like a little unsure just being around them again because they’re not part of my bubble right now,” Evan Pilat expressed.

“I’m not really going out out there. I’m just going to go hunting and fishing by myself, stay away from people. Obviously, I’ll wear a mask out in public if I have to,” Ryan Mulvey explained.

The university is offering students free exit coronavirus testing at Coleman Coliseum until November 24. Students will be back on campus for the start of the Spring semester on January 13.

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