One of Bear Bryant’s Houndstooth hats up for auction

One of Bear Bryant’s Houndstooth hats up for auction
Bear Bryant's Houndstooth hat (Source: Lelands)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The hat says it all. One look at the Houndstooth and you think Coach Bear Bryant and Alabama football.

One of the iconic hats is up for auction through Lelands.

The piece of college football history is listed as: Black and white checkered size 7 3/8 hat shows heavy wear with feather in the band, red satin liner with “The Original Paul Bear Bryant” logo in the center and gold replica signature on the sweatband.

Here’s the story behind the hat according to Lelands: The man who willed it to our consignor’s grandfather was a local furniture salesman and he got it as a gift from a friend who owned a hotel. Bryant had left his hat there, the hotel owner called the coach to tell him about it, but the coach said “you could have it” as he had others.

Bidding started at $500, and it’s now up to $887.00. Click here to see the bidding.

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