UAB Medicine launches new Post-COVID Treatment Program

UAB's post-COVID follow up program critical to recovery

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - UAB medicine has launched a new program that will help patients who are still experiencing COVID-19 symptoms weeks after their initial diagnosis.

UAB created the Post-COVID Treatment Program to direct patients to experts based on their symptoms. It’s designed to help patients get proper follow-up care in their recovery process.

Doctors at UAB said a small but considerable amount of people still need medical attention weeks to months after testing positive for COVID-19. So, to evaluate and meet their needs, the Post-COVID Treatment Program was born.

“Pulmonary symptoms…they’re the most prominent. We also see people with cardiac symptoms, neurologic symptoms, psychiatric symptoms, symptoms related to speech,” explained Medical Director of the Post COVID Treatment Program, Dr. Turner Overton.

Doctors said by combining resources at UAB and guiding patients toward their specific clinical needs, they can better assist them in their recovery process.

“Our plan was to develop a program where these people could be seen. Initially we thought having a stand-alone clinic but the logistics of getting all these providers located in one clinic was very challenging when frankly all of them have clinics intact,” Dr. Overton said.

The program will use a triage to direct patients to the right experts, giving them multiple ways to the program.

“Any patient in the community is welcome to self-refer,” said MSN, Director of Ambulatory Services at UAB Medicine, Donna Dye.

“They can share with our nurses their symptoms and the nurses will send that to our post-COVID program coordinator,” Dye said.

Patients can also access the program through a doctor’s referral, as well as through the outreach program.

For more information, or if you think you might be a candidate, visit, or call (205) 975-1881.

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