Saks football helps 80-year-old volunteer achieve huge goal

53 years with 'chain gang' at Saks

SAKS, Ala. (WBRC) - On a Friday night during the high school football season, the sideline is where you’ll find Lynn Martin.

“It involves a lot of exercise sometimes, last week I had to run 85 yards because we scored a big touchdown,” said Lynn Martin.

Lynn has been working the chains at Saks’ home games for 53 straight years. His goal? To do it until he’s 80-years-old. So he asked Wildcats head coach Jonathan Miller for a favor that was beyond his control.

“He approached me a few weeks ago and he asked me about how many games we would have to win to play at home in November. We were a four seed going to play a region champ in north Alabama, and we weren’t for certain we’d be able to host a playoff game, but we were able to get a big win and come home for the second round,” said Miller.

Lynn turned 80 on November 4 and his wish came true last Friday night.

“I’ve just always loved this community and school. Some people may think I’m nuts, but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. I do it for the kids, I just love being around them,” Martin said.

Lynn has only missed five home games in his 53 years of working the chains including one for his daughter’s wedding.

“I told them the wedding is short and I could leave and get there by halftime, but moms and daughters don’t think the same way I do,” Martin said laughing.

After decades of volunteering, Lynn’s unsure if he’ll retire from the chain gang after this season, but one thing is for sure, the sidelines will not be the same when he’s gone.

“He’s definitely a big inspiration, he’s someone I look up to, I hope I can be his age and move the way he does,” said Saks defensive end Treveon Boulton.

Saks travels to Piedmont Friday for the third round of the playoffs in Class 3A.

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