Students quarantined at C.J. Donald, District partnership with medical team pays off during pandemic

Possible coronavirus exposure at Fairfield elementary school

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Some students and staff at C.J. Donald Elementary in Fairfield are in day two of their quarantine after a potential COVID-19 exposure at school. The district has a partnership with Cahaba Medical Care which paid off during their safety response.

“We’re going to keep them safe by any means necessary and that’s what yesterday looked like for us,” said Veronica McDonald, health clinic manager.

Some 6th grade students won’t return to the classroom until after Thanksgiving break after a potential COVID-19 exposure at school.

“This happened that morning, so when the parents called to notify, it was an immediate response. All of the parents were called to pick their student up," said McDonald.

District Superintendent Dr. Regina Thompson confirmed 25-30 students were sent home as a safety precaution after a parent alerted the school of their possible COVID-19 exposure, and the potential impact to their child and other students. District leaders say the response was swift and enhanced because of the partnership with Cahaba Medical Care. Before COVID-19, staff could help do quick check-ups for students or call in prescriptions. Now that we’re dealing with COVID-19, health leaders on site were able to immediately offer free rapid testing to students and staff.

“If there’s a thought or risk, we have the ability to do a rapid tests on them so they known within 15 minutes if they’re negative or positive," said McDonald. “Parents did opt to have their student tested. Fortunately, there were no positives and that’s a benefit of having Cahaba right there in your school.”

Teachers tested were negative as well. The district is still requiring everyone to quarantine until after Thanksgiving as a safety precaution.

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