Local tutor offers advice for students struggling with virtual learning

Helping kids struggling with virtual learning

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey said he’s concerned about grades slipping for students across the state and one local tutor said he is noticing that trend here in Jefferson County.

Tutor and co-founder of Magic City Tutoring Nick Ciancio said many students he is working with are struggling or failing certain classes. He said most students are struggling with virtual learning and are stressed about the uncertainty of the pandemic.

“I think that virtual learning has been difficult for quite a few students,” Ciancio said. "They are having to adapt to a new way to learn. Teachers are having to adapt to a totally new way to teach. That overlap has been really difficult for a lot of students, so what we have had to do is try and adapt out tutoring techniques to make it as close to in-person as possible.”

Ciancio said if students are struggling virtually the the best thing parents can do when helping their student with school is try and replicate in-person learning as best as possible. He said an easy way to do that is making sure students stick to a schedule similar to one they had during in person learning.

He also suggested creating a specific spot in the house for students to do their school work that is separate from where they relax.

Ciancio recommends tutoring is a student is falling behind and does better with in-person learning.

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