A family of COVID-19 survivors welcomes home another loved one

Entire family contracts COVID-19

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - An entire family that battled COVID-19 is welcoming home a loved one who’s been in the hospital since August.

The family is beyond excited to have their family member home, but this celebration is bittersweet because one significant person won’t be there.

It’s been a long journey for the Garretts, but just before the holidays begin, the family has something to be grateful for.

“After about 103 days, from August 4th until now, I’m going home,” said Tony Garrett.

“It just gives us joy knowing that we’ll have him home with us to be able to celebrate and to also reflect on what our family has been through,” said Tony’s sister, Shuanta Garrett.

But with joy also comes sadness.

The family celebrated their father’s 64th birthday on July 26th, and just 24 hours later, he started getting sick.

It wasn’t long before the entire family came down with COVID-19 with the patriarch of the family and Tony getting it the worst.

“We were able to get him under hospital care, but unfortunately the virus impacted him, and his breathing and he was not able to sustain,” said Shuanta Garrett.

“When I finally came to, I actually asked my mother, ‘Where is Dad?’ and she told me, ‘Son, he didn’t make it,’” Tony Garret recalled.

But the family takes comfort in their faith, believing God knew what was best.

“That’s one thing that I’m still going to have to deal with is reuniting with my family…going to my dad’s grave and just really celebrating his memory…and that’s what I hold on to now,” said Tony Garrett.

And while the family honors life and loss, they have this message.

“It’s them today, it could be you tomorrow. You never really know. You’re not taking it serious until it hits home, but when it hits home…it’s too late,” said Tony’s sister, Shay Garrett.

Tony Garret just turned 44-years-old on Monday, so he’s looking forward to a celebrating his birthday with a home cooked meal, catching up with his family, and getting to know his nieces who were just a few weeks old when he went into the hospital.

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