UA students don’t want COVID-19 to travel home with them for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break concerns

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Some students at the University of Alabama admit they’re worried about leaving their “bubble” at UA and entering their family’s bubble back home.

They don’t want coronavirus hurting the ones they love. The Hudmon family took pictures in front of Bryant Denny Stadium Monday. Tyler Hudman, a UA student from out of state, explained the concern some of his relatives have about this Thanksgiving holiday because of coronavirus.

“It’s definitely a little concerning for me with relatives back home for sure more so than myself. Cause I know Illinois is having a huge spike in cases recently,” Tyler Hudmon explained.

His dad admitted that’s why fewer family will be over for the holiday.

“We actually reduced the amount of people coming over. It’s a small Thanksgiving so we had people cancel coming into town,” Jim Hudmon added.

Rolando Shields' mother Dalikia Shields says even though they’re not far from Tuscaloosa in Hoover, so many people have been hurt by coronavirus.

“Because this is real. It’s serious. People are still dying from it. We know a friend from church just passed away. So we want to be real serious about this,” Shields continued.

Evan Pilat felt safe in his bubble in Tuscaloosa. He does not want loved ones to get coronavirus when their bubble back home in Illinois expands for Thanksgiving.

“I have a grandmother back home and I want to be sure that she’s safe and she does not get sick. And I think its important for everyone to keep their family safe,” Pilat expressed.

The University is offering COVID-19 testing on campus for students to know their status before leaving Tuscaloosa this week.

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