Thank Alabama Teachers Week

Thank Alabama Teachers Week

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WBRC) - Some of Alabama’s front line heroes, teachers, will be honored during the week of Monday, Nov. 16-Sunday, Nov. 22.

The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) will honor educators across Alabama with a special Thank Alabama Teachers Week.

“The challenges presented to Alabama teachers this year are unprecedented, and we want them to know how much they are appreciated and how much we see them and all they are doing,” said Dr. Eric Mackey, Alabama state superintendent of education. “From ensuring classrooms are safe for in-person learning to wrangling the new realities of online teaching, these exemplary Alabamians are to be commended and recognized.”

Nationally, teachers are honored each spring with a dedicated Teachers Appreciation Week, however, due to the unique and challenging set of circumstances teachers have experienced this year, the state is providing Alabama teachers with extra praise.

Governor Ivey issued a proclamation for statewide recognition.

“Alabama teachers have been thrust into a reality that none of us could have predicted, however they’ve done so with determination, strength and perseverance,” said Gov. Ivey, who is herself a former teacher. “The mounted stresses of today’s classroom along with the new world in which we find ourselves are a heavy brunt to bear, yet we see the resilience and tenacity of our educators across the state daily. Their sacrifices are unlimited and their selflessness immeasurable, and for that, we proudly honor them.”

Thank Alabama Teachers messages will be visible via multiple forms of advertising and through this website.

“As the Thanksgiving season draws near, we hope all Alabamians will use this week’s observance to dedicate time and resources to properly give our teachers the most heartfelt thanks they deserve for going above and beyond and for making sacrifices to ensure every student has the most opportunity to succeed — despite the monumental barriers facing them today,” added Mackey.

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