GOP Senator: I will step in to get Biden briefings

GOP Senator: I will step in to get Biden briefings

OKLAHOMA (Associated Press) - Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma on Wednesday said that President-elect Joe Biden needs intelligence briefings so that he can be prepared to take office, regardless of the outcome of the presidential election.

President Trump has not authorized President-elect Joe Biden to lay eyes on the briefings, as he contests the presidential election results.

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., predicted that the issue of whether Biden will get access to the intelligence brief will be resolved soon.

“If that’s not occurring by Friday, I will step in and push and say this needs to occur so that regardless of the outcome of the election, whichever way that it goes, people can be ready for that actual task,” Lankford told KRMG Radio in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Wednesday.

Lankford said Vice President-elect Kamala Harris also should be getting the briefings, which should not be a problem because she already has security clearances as a member of the Senate intelligence committee.

Lankford also rejected suggestions that President Trump will not agree to a peaceful transition of power. “I can assure you, there will be a peaceful transition of power in the United States,” he said, adding that people in national media circles are pushing the idea that 'Trump won’t relent."

He added that people who are actually around the president say that’s absurd, and that the president and his team want to make sure that all of the votes are legal and counted.

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